Hi, I'm Abin Simon, a Research Engineer. And this was supposed to be filled with `` had I written one.

    2024 ¬

  1. Just enough CORS to not get stuck
  2. 2023 ¬

  3. Navigating around in your shell
  4. How I manage my tasks in LogSeq
  5. What is in that .git directory?
  6. Splitting and joining using tree-sitter
  7. Releasing scopeline.el
  8. 2022 ¬

  9. What is in a modern code editor?
  10. EmacsConf 2022
  11. Self hosted location history
  12. Navigating config files using tree-sitter
  13. Playing around with tree-sitter in Emacs
  14. Your terminal on lsd
  15. Drag and drop from terminal
  16. A useful shell prompt
  17. 2021 ¬

  18. Introduction to nix
  19. Intelligent snippets using tree-sitter
  20. Releasing gh-issues-to-rss
  21. Emacs alternatives for pouplar Neovim plugins
  22. Just flip a coin
  23. Releasing evil-textobj-tree-sitter
  24. A better way to think about tests
  25. Zooming into Zoom meetings
  26. Edit everything in Emacs
  27. Templating things in Airflow DAG
  28. Just a simple markdown previewer
  29. 2020 ¬

  30. My workflow hacks
  31. Highlight yanked region in Emacs
  32. Just a bunch of git stuff
  33. Floating scratch terminal in tmux
  34. What you need might not be Kubernetes
  35. Copy file opened in macOS preview to working directory
  36. Completely remove a file from git history
  37. What exactly are stock options?
  38. A simpler method for a reactive UI
  39. Mounting S3 bucket in docker containers on kubernetes
  40. Auto shutdown VM if no active SSH connections
  41. Dynamic reverse proxy using nginx in Kubernetes
  42. 2019 ¬

  43. Switching to DuckDuckGo
  44. Table operations like in Nu shell in BASH
  45. How to create a SVG blob thingy in HTML Canvas
  46. Making sure you won't commit conflict markers
  47. Accessing Kubernetes API from a Pod (RBAC)
  48. Git never forgets, well kinda. `git-reflog`
  49. Setting local files as New Tab page in Firefox
  50. Understanding Kubernetes (Basics)
  51. Beginners guide to tensorflow serving
  52. Automatically list files after cd
  53. A bit more about configuring nginx (rewrite and alias)
  54. How to do server side autocompletion (networking parts)
  55. Understanding Rust macros
  56. A really simple nginx config
  57. 2018 ¬

  58. Publishing a console application to pypi
  59. Docker basics
  60. Quickly go to project root
  61. Connecting `Redux` to `React`, simplified
  62. Take a picture of you every time you open your laptop
  63. 2017 ¬

  64. Creating a tic-tac-toe game in Clojurescript using Reagent
  65. Ehh, Webassembly?
  66. How Emacs took over my Vim life
  67. How to make Vim and Tmux friends with system clipboard