Sep 10, 2021 . 1 min

Just flip a coin

A simple life hack that I use a lot. I just wanted to mention why I always use a coin toss to choose if I can't decide between two options.

There is only two scenarios I am in when I can't decide between two options

  1. I know what to pick, but just can't finalize
  2. I genuinely have no clue what to pick

In the first case, the only thing that is stopping me on confirming what I want to pick is the expectation that I can always take a little more time and "maybe" come up with a better choice. The coin toss helps to eliminate the amount of time that I have to decide and force me to make a decision. I never really have to go with what the coin picked in this case, but once the coin picks something and if that is not what I want, I know which one I don't want and can pick the other one. Or if it is the one that I wanted to pick, it is like a confirmation from the universe. Either ways, I now have finalized what I want.

In the second case, well I just choose whatever the coin tells me.

And the best part about this is that you don't even have to know which scenario you are in before doing the toss. You will get the urge to change it as soon as the coin picks something if you are in scenario one.

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