Dec 05, 2022 . 2 min

EmacsConf 2022

Hey! EmacsConf just concluded and it was a really awesome one this year. A lot of interesting talks. It was a lot of fun interacting with everyone during the event. For folks who where there, "hi again!".

If you have read my previous blogs, you might be already aware that I have been playing around a lot with tree-sitter in Emacs. And so, this year for EmacsConf I decided to talk about the same. It was my fist talk at EmacsConf and was really smooth experience :D. Thanks a lot to the organizers, mainly Sacha Chua and Leo Vivier for helping me through all of it. Also thanks to Bhavin Gandhi whom I've bounced off a lot of ideas.

In case you are interested, you can checkout my talk at . The recording, transcript and Q&A should be available there. The recording is available on YouTube as well if you wanna go that route.

I'm still to catch up on all the talks, but from the ones that I have seen, these are the ones that I personally found useful:

General #

Development #

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