May 06, 2019 . 1 min

Automatically list files after cd

Almost everybody does an ls after they cd into a folder. So why not get your shell to automatically do it?

The simple way #

Well, you might know the simple way. Just change cd to do cd and ls.

cd() { builtin cd "$@";ll;}

The grown up way (in zsh) #

Well, even though the previous one works well for most cases, there might be some situations in which it will not work. The cases in which it might not work is when you don't actually use cd change dir, but some other command.

Here is the code that you will be using. Just add this to your .zshrc and you should be good.

function list_all() {
emulate -L zsh
if [[ ${chpwd_functions[(r)list_all]} != "list_all" ]];then
chpwd_functions=(${chpwd_functions[@]} "list_all")

OK, if that looks like some weird mess, don't worry. I'll explain.

So, zsh lets you run some functions after running anything that will change directory. The commands that are run are listed in this variable called chpwd_functions and you can add more to the list.

So what we do here in the code is create a function(list_all in our case) which just does an ls and add it to the list of commands that will be run after a change in directory happens.

There is just some check happening to make sure that the function is not already in the list before we add it. That is what that if condition does.

Well, that is it. Happy cding.

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