Jan 09, 2018 . 1 min

Take a picture of you every time you open your laptop

Take a photo every time the lid is open using the laptop camera.

Hey, ever seen those time-lapse videos of plants growing up in a BBC documentary and thought wish I could do that for me.

You haven't? I knew.

But here is how you would do it if you had thought of doing it. ( in OSX )

It also helped me to see who tried to open up my laptop when I was not around.

I started doing this in march of 2016 ( now have about 3700 images ) and from time to time try creating something like a time-lapse. It is kinda fun. Maybe, at least for some.


How to #

Step 1 #

Install imagesnap.

Step 2 #

Keep this in a file named in a folder any folder.

DATE=$(date "+%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S")
imagesnap -w 2.00 "$HOME/.loginimages/$DATE.jpg"

What the above script does is it creates a date string with year-month-day-hour-minute-second and now take a picture using imagesnap and save it to your home directory.

The -w 2.00 is a wait time so as to make sure we get your photo.

Step 3 #

Install sleepwatcher.

You could download the binary from the above webpage or install using homebrew (recommended).

brew install sleepwatcher

Step 4 #

Now to actually run the script on wakeup.

Add this to file /etc/rc.wakeup

# Run the following script on wakeup

Here, replace /Users/$USER/.imagescript/ with the path to where you saved the script.

Step 5 #

Take a nap. zzzz.

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