Oct 13, 2021 . 2 min

Releasing gh-issues-to-rss

Project Url:

Yet another package release coming your way. This is more of a scratch my own itch kinda entry. There are lot of projects for which I would like to know when things happen. As of now, there are two options in Github to do this:

  1. Subscribe to just releases releases and be late to the party
  2. Subscribe to all events and be tired of notifications

Well, both of them suck. This is my way of solving that issue. This is a simple go server which gives you rss feeds for issues or PRs. For example, in a lot of cases, I would just want to get one entry every time a new PR is open. A really good usecase for this is for melpa/melpa or matrix-org/matrix-doc. By subscribing to PR open events via rss, I get an entry in my rss feed reader every time a new PR is open. There are also a lot of other projects for which I just follow PR open events or issue close events and then if necessary I can just subscribe to a specific thread to get a notification every time someone comments on it.

This has been really helpful for me to reduce clutter as well as move my non important Github notification to a passive medium (rss). I am no more constantly bombarded with notification on Github.

Enough intro, let me get to how to use it. I advice you to host this if possible, but if you want you can just used the ~heroku~ deployment that I have setup. There is a 60 request in hour limit on Github API, so if a lot of people are using it, you might not get your response. Btw, I have made a simple UI as well which can help you with getting the rss feed url with proper flags. Hopefully that comes in handy to anyone using this.

You can connect to the version at Let me just give you a simple intro on how to use it.

If you want to subscribe to melpa/melpa on Github, you can use something like:

This will subscribe you to issue open/close and pr open/close events.

You can limit what kind of events you get a notification for by using m query params

For example, as I mentioned before, if you just need PR open events, you can use something like:

You can add multiple items as well, for both pr and issue close events, you can use:

You also have the ability to filter by labels. For example, if you want to have an rss feed for good-first-issue items, you can use:
The above one will get you open events for good-first-issue labelled items.

This has been really helpful for me in reducing clutter and at the same time staing up to date with things. So I thought I would release this as it might end up being useful for someone else as well.

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