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Setting local files as New Tab page in Firefox

This will not work as of Firefox 72

So, I was going through r/startpages and checking out the startpages there. A lot of them looked pretty awesome and I decided to create one. And create, I did meain/startpage.

But yea, setting a local file as startpage is a messy deal in Firefox. Lot of people seem to set up a local server and even after than end up having to use a plugin to get things working.

Here is a bit complex but much better way to do it. Lets get started.

Firefox lets you change the css of the browser by providing custom css file called userChrome.css. What we do is, load a javascript file using this css file and change Firefox setting using that js file.

As of Firefox 69, you might have to manually set the value of toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true in about:config

Set up userChrome.css #

The first step is to create a file called userChrome.css file in your <profile>/chrome directory. To find out Firefox's profile directory, you can check in Help > Troubleshooting Information section in the hamburger menu in the top right of the browser.

You will land in a page which look something like this.

Troubleshooting Info Page

Mine is /Users/meain/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/jxqrburh.default-release.

So you go to this folder. There may or may not be a folder called chrome. In any case create a file named userChrome.css in the chrome folder inside your profile folder.

Use userChrome.css to load js file #

Now let us get the css file to load the js file, in our case userChrome.js. Credis to Sporif/firefox-quantum-userchromejs.

Add this code to userChrome.css file:

@namespace url(;

toolbarbutton#alltabs-button {
-moz-binding: url("userChrome.xml#js");

You will also need to add two other files. userChrome.xml and userChrome.js. We will go over what needs to be done in userChrome.js but for userChrome.xml add the below content.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Copyright (c) 2017 Haggai Nuchi
Available for use under the MIT License:

<!-- Run userChrome.js/userChrome.xul and .uc.js/.uc.xul/.css files -->
<bindings xmlns="">
<binding id="js">
if(window.userChromeJsMod) return;
window.userChromeJsMod = true;
var chromeFiles = FileUtils.getDir("UChrm", []).directoryEntries;
var xulFiles = [];
var sss = Cc[';1'].getService(Ci.nsIStyleSheetService);
while(chromeFiles.hasMoreElements()) {
var file = chromeFiles.getNext().QueryInterface(Ci.nsIFile);
var fileURI =;
if(file.isFile()) {
type = "none";
if(/(^userChrome|\.uc)\.js$/i.test(file.leafName)) {
type = "userchrome/js";
else if(/(^userChrome|\.uc)\.xul$/i.test(file.leafName)) {
type = "userchrome/xul";
else if(/\.as\.css$/i.test(file.leafName)) {
type = "agentsheet";
else if(/^(?!(userChrome|userContent)\.css$).+\.css$/i.test(file.leafName)) {
type = "usersheet";
if(type != "none") {
console.log("----------\\ " + file.leafName + " (" + type + ")");
try {
if(type == "userchrome/js") {
Services.scriptloader.loadSubScriptWithOptions(fileURI.spec, {target: window, ignoreCache: true});
else if(type == "userchrome/xul") {
else if(type == "agentsheet") {
if(!sss.sheetRegistered(fileURI, sss.AGENT_SHEET))
sss.loadAndRegisterSheet(fileURI, sss.AGENT_SHEET);
else if(type == "usersheet") {
if(!sss.sheetRegistered(fileURI, sss.USER_SHEET))
sss.loadAndRegisterSheet(fileURI, sss.USER_SHEET);
} catch(e) {
console.log("########## ERROR: " + e + " at " + e.lineNumber + ":" + e.columnNumber);
console.log("----------/ " + file.leafName);
setTimeout(function loadXUL() {
if(xulFiles.length > 0) {
document.loadOverlay(xulFiles.shift(), null);
setTimeout(loadXUL, 5);
}, 0);

Setting up userChrome.js #

Now finally we have to add in the code to change Firefox settings.

Add the below code in userChrome.js but replace the value of mypage to the location of your index.html file.

(function() {
// IMPORTANT: when there's no filename, be sure to include a trailing slash at the end.
const mypage = "file:///Users/meain/Documents/Projects/projects/startpage/index.html";
// Don't place the caret in the location bar. Useful if you want a page's search box to have focus instead.
var removefocus = "no";
// Clear the page's URL from the location bar. Normally not needed, as this should already be the default behavior.
var clearlocationbar = "no";

aboutNewTabService.newTabURL = mypage;
function customNewTab () {
if (removefocus == "yes") {
setTimeout(function() {
}, 0);
if (clearlocationbar == "yes") {
setTimeout(function() {
if (gBrowser.selectedBrowser.currentURI.spec == mypage) {
window.document.getElementById("urlbar").value = "";
}, 1000);
gBrowser.tabContainer.addEventListener("TabOpen", customNewTab, false);


Restart Firefox and you should be good to go. If you need a good startpage, feel free to check out mine at meain/startpage.

Extra #

Well, you could use userChrome.css and userChrome.js for more than just this. Here are a few websites you might wanna check out if you would like to know more what they can do.

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